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2014-09-29 · última modificação 2017-01-20 19:21
Recreational Mathematics Colloquium V (2017) · G4G Europe


Re​c​reational​ ​Mathematics ​ (RM). Today it is clear for most mathematicians and educators that the enjoyment RM provides is an asset in the process of bringing mathematics to all.

The historians among us might take the opportunity to remind us that RM has been also, for millennia, a source of inspiration for more prosaic scientific activities.

RMC-V (G4G- Europe) will be yet another high level meeting where some mathematical pearls will be shared and appreciated. It will be relevant in many ways (scientific, educational,...) and entertaining. What else should we ask for?

As MAA's president put it recently "Mathematics makes the mind its playground", so let's play! ​

Ludus Association, with the kind support of ​M​UHNAC, CMAFCIO ​(project UID/MAT/04561/2013)​,​ CIUHCT, SPM, CEMAPRE, ULisboa, and FCT is proud to organize the fifth colloquium in the series, the second integrated in the Gathering for Gardner movement.​

W​e hope we will all have the best of times in this colloquium!


The organization​



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