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Recreational Mathematics Colloquium I

2012-10-04 · última modificação 2012-10-04 08:46
University of Évora, April 29th­­ to May 2nd 2009

"Recreational Mathematics" is a problematic expression. For some people, like most professional mathematicians, Mathematics is lots of fun; but for others, like some students, Mathematics can be a nightmare.

Historically, we know that some mathematical research areas are deeply linked to puzzles and games — probability and chance games, graph theory and the Brigdes of Königsberg come to mind.

The University of Évora, the Ludus Association, the Museum of Science of the University of Lisbon, the Portuguese Mathematical Society and the Center of History of Science of the University of Lisbon will organize the Recreational Mathematics Colloquium I.

The University of Évora will be our host. The exact location is Colégio Luís António Verney, close to the public market. A map here.

Our Colloquium will be a Show and Tell of bright pearls of Mathematics, with varied levels of sophistication, entertaining many audiences. Its main goal is to foster mathematical appreciation, an important step if we are to see improvements in its practice.

We suggest Hotel D. Fernando to the participants. Please refer the Colloquium when booking for a special price.



Organized by…
University of Évora
Ludus association
Museum of Science of the University of Lisbon
Portuguese Mathematical Society
Ciência Viva
Center of History of Science of the University of Lisbon
Research Centre in Mathematics and Applications of the University of Évora