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2014-05-25 · última modificação 2014-05-25 23:26

The 2012 BGS Colloquium

17 – 21 April, at the Bavarian Games Archive (Bayerisches Spiele-Archiv e.V.)
München-Haar, Germany (east-southeast of Munich)

Host: Tom Werneck


P 01   Matthias Teichert – The board-game-motif in Norse mythology
P 02  Elke Rogersdotter - Finding Places: locating ancient gaming (remains)
P 03  Chris Dobbs - The multifaceted uses of gaming in ancient Rome
P 04   Michele King - Konane: An old Hawaiian game played on rock with lava pebbles
P 05  Irving Finkel - Always look down (Graffiti Board Games in India)
P 06   Alfonso Atala Layun - Cuatro Tribus (Four Tribes)
P 07  Roly Cobbett  - Gaming finds from Richborough

P 08  Rainer Buland - Sense, Symbolism and Magic of Figures and Numbers on Baroque Board Games.
P 09  Edite Alberto - Games on Portuguese Rocks
P 10  Gejus van Diggele - The war on the table (Games and Puzzles from World War II)
P 11  Iris Ridder - The use of games in medieval mining societies
P 12  Steffen Bogen - Transforming space in boardgames
P 13   Cosimo Cardellicchio - A survey of some connection games in the 50th year of the publication of Twixt

P 14  Ulrich Schädler - A century of German history and politics in board games
P 15  Alex de Voogt - Mancala games at the pyramids of Meroe
P 16  Yasuji Shimizu - When was Ancient Chess Introduced into East Asia?
P 17  Bruce Whitehill - The game of Clue/Cluedo, a contemporary board game
P 18  Gadi Kfir - Road to Victory
P 19  Peter Michaelsen  - The diffusion of Tâb games in Medieval Europe
P 20  John McLeod - Scoring and Winning
P 21  Fred Horn - Three Games published in the 1980th by Cobrain, a Dutch Game Manufacturer

P 22  Adrian Seville - Distinctive Features of German Goose Games
P 23   Wolfgang L. Angerstein - Salta and Lasca: Two draughts variants linked by Emanuel Lasker
P 24  Anne-Elizabeth Dunn-Vaturi (Alex de Voogt) - The game of Twenty revisited
P 25  David Parlett  - The history of Games & Puzzles magazine
P 26   Shahrokh Razmjou (Irving Finkel) - Graffiti board games from Iran
P 27  Max Nelson - The Origins and Play of the Ancient Greek Game of City-State (Polis)

P 28  Arie van der Stoep  - Why we consider Chess an intellectual Board Game
P 29  Dores Ferreira - Board Games and other games: some connections with mathematics
P 30  Wim van Mourik - A new look at the Alquerque-12 diagram from the Sethos Temple in Qurna, Egypt
P 31  Michel Boutin (Pierre Parlebas) - Differences and similarities of the structure of abstract games and sports games
P 32  Piotr Adamczyk - Museums and board games