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Entrada Eventos Board Game Studies Colloquia BGSC XVI - Ponta Delgada 2013 Board Game Studies Colloquium XVII

Board Game Studies Colloquium XVII

2013-10-02 · última modificação 2013-10-02 14:21
From Cardboard to Keyboard and back.
UCS Ipswich - UK
2014-05-21 até 2014-05-24
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UCS Ipswich is proud to host the XVIIth Annual Colloquium of the International Board Game Studies Association.

The call for papers will be issued early in October 2013.

Detailed information about the colloquium, including travel to Ipswich, accomodation, arrangements for the cultural visit and colloquium dinner, together with an online booking facility, will be provided on this section of the UCS website during 2013.

The conference programme, abstracts of papers and a list of supporting sponsors will also be provided as the information becomes available.

Please check back later for updates.

Enquiries regarding the Board Game Studies colloquium at UCS Ipswich should be directed to Eddie Duggan via the colloquium email address,

International Board Game Studies Association
XVIIth Annual Colloquium
University Campus Suffolk
21st - 24th May 2014